Lab Managers

Lab services is a tough business.

With the rising tide of EHR adoption, your business depends more than ever on your ability to keep your physician customers happy with a highly efficient electronic orders/results connectivity workflow. And increasing pressure from national and regional service providers makes it tough to compete.

Fortunately, Liaison can help. Live with over 120 labs and radiology service providers integrating them to the EHRs of over 20,000 clinicians.

All EHRs are not alike.

Many EHRs offer computerized physician order entry (CPOE) capabilities that are weak to nonexistent, resulting in errors and inefficiencies for your lab—and worst of all, providers who are unhappy with the process of ordering your services.

EHR/lab integration is Liaison’s speciality. We establish a single orders/results connection to your testing facility (lab or imaging), then tackle the nuances of integrating to each type of EHR.

EMR-Link works with any EHR to support the tightest possible integration and clinical workflows—from basic HL7 messaging, to machine-readable PDF reports, to fully embedded point-of-care functions to support total workflow integration.

EMR-Link’s CEHRT-certified EHR orders module fills the gap between the EHR and your lab system, satisfying Meaningful Use requirements even if the EHR can't.

Compete and win with EMR-Link.

EMR-Link helps your lab compete and win by offering the orders and results workflow that providers love.

With functionality that meets and exceeds Federal requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 2, EMR-Link reduces operational costs for labs and clinics alike by generating clean, complete orders from clinics that use any EHR—or none yet.

EMR-Link’s proven technology and ease of implementation helps labs simplify EHR outreach and respond proactively to the rising tide of EHR adoption, making it easy to comply with Federal requirements and control costs in an ACO.

EMR-Link can adapt to your ordering requirements whether you receive specimens by courier, operate patient service centers, or provide on-site phlebotomists.

EMR-Link connects to any ambulatory or long-term care EHR. Many EHRs use EMR-Link exclusively to connect to labs and imaging centers. EMR-Link OrdersAnywhere allows providers to place electronic orders even without an EHR.

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